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by | Sep 25, 2023 | Blog

I delivered a talk at YCombinator to fellow women founders about the significance of creating a healthy company culture from the start. In TigerEye’s founders’ letter, I emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for oversized egos, arrogance, or cynicism within our culture.

In addition to our core values, which I discussed recently with OpenSpace, everyone who works at TigerEye makes 10 commitments to each other. These include:

  1. I commit to being wholehearted. At work, and in my personal life, I will be present and fully participate.
  2. I will be humble. I will be a good person to work with. I will not be an arrogant jerk.
  3. I will constantly improve – Kaizen!  I will approach each day as an opportunity to do a better job. I will admit and learn from my mistakes.
  4. I will occupy a place of trust. I will trust my teammates in all departments. I will trust that I can speak openly about hard topics. I will listen to my teammates even if I disagree with them.
  5. I will do what it takes, and work with my team to get the job done.
  6. I will walk it like I talk it.  
  7. I will not speak negatively or destructively about anyone, especially behind someone’s back. 
  8. I know that TigerEye is a for-profit business and that I am a shareholder. I will question every cost and not waste money.
  9. I will strive for simplicity at TigerEye in every way.
  10. I agree to live up to these values. If my teammates fail to live up to any of these, I will speak up and help them. In turn, I will be open to constructive criticism from my colleagues should I fail to live by these values.

I invite other companies to consider drafting their own commitments as a framework for nurturing a positive workplace environment. And share them with others.

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