TigerEye Revenue Delivery

B2B Sales teams use TigerEye to build revenue better. TigerEye helps teams with sales funnel optimization, account management, and sales coaching. From the bird’s-eye view from the C-Suite to the details for sales managers and account executives, every level of the org sees their book of business more clearly with TigerEye.

Sales Funnel Management

Find risky deals earlier in the funnel and fix them faster. Slow CRMs make you work to see where your business is today and how it got there. TigerEye’s Early Warning System continuously checks your pipeline for potential signs of trouble and spotlights the opportunities to focus on.

Pipeline Review

Time spent preparing slides is time your team is not selling. And the output is often a static deck that can make it hard to see what is really going on within the team. TigerEye is your live alternative.

Pipeline and waterfall charts provide a consistently accurate view of where the team stands and serve as the starting point for showcasing highlights and opportunities in a team’s book of business.

Executive Business Reviews

The traditional way of preparing for business reviews is outdated. Gone are the days of collecting screenshots from CRM, BI tools, and Excel. TigerEye replaces static slides with live, interactive data.

Critical summaries that often take business analysts days or weeks to prepare are available any time and shockingly fast. Live questions can be answered in the moment — no action item required.

Built for the Enterprise 

Built by a team of industry experts, technologists, and data scientists, your data is always protected with TigerEye’s strong security and privacy measures. 

Customer data is stored in dedicated Virtual Private Clouds. This means that your data is stored in its own environment and always separate from other customers. TigerEye is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified, so your CIO can sleep well at night.

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