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by | Jun 29, 2023 | TigerEye Live


Tracy Young, hosts a LinkedIn Live show featuring Dini Mehta, former CRO at Lattice, as the first guest. Dini shares insights on sales leadership and company building:

  1. Dini’s Background: Dini Mehta introduces herself as an immigrant from India, who found her way to Silicon Valley and discovered her passion for sales after initially avoiding it due to lack of representation.
  2. Why Sales?: Dini explains her love for sales, highlighting its objectivity, data-driven nature, and the opportunity to earn autonomy and high financial rewards. She emphasizes the personal growth and life skills it offers.
  3. Company Building and Tech: Dini discusses her experiences in different phases of company building, from creating something out of nothing in the early stages to collaborating with diverse roles as a company scales.
  4. Short Tenure of Sales Leaders: Tracy raises the issue of short average tenure for sales leaders (18 months) and discusses contributing factors. Dini identifies missed expectations, misalignment, and assumptions as reasons for this phenomenon.
  5. Building Trust as a New Leader: Dini offers advice on building alignment with an inherited team, stressing the importance of slowing down in the first few weeks, over-communicating, and understanding the business.
  6. Balancing Time Allocation: Tracy and Dini discuss how to distribute time among direct reports, customers, peers, and superiors. The balance shifts with company growth and stage, but maintaining alignment with peers becomes increasingly critical.
  7. Communicating and Collaborating with CEOs: Dini advises on effective communication and collaboration with CEOs, emphasizing values alignment, understanding the company’s mission, and over-communicating strategic plans.
  8. Building a Leadership Team: Tracy and Dini talk about evaluating strengths and weaknesses in leadership team members. They highlight values alignment, people-first orientation, and curiosity as key qualities.
  9. Understanding People: Dini reflects on her evolving understanding of people over the years, realizing that different individuals have diverse needs and that authentic leadership creates an environment where everyone can thrive.
  10. Closing Remarks: Tracy expresses gratitude for the insightful conversation, highlighting the practical advice on managing teams, working with others, and building successful companies.

The conversation offers valuable insights into sales leadership, team management, and effective communication in the tech and startup environment.

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