Why Field Marketing Matters Even While In Stealth

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Blog, GTM Playbook

TigerEye is gearing up for an exciting launch this year. We’re currently operating in stealth mode and have focused on field marketing events over the last year, utilizing some of the successful strategies from our PlanGrid days to connect teams with prospects and customers. This approach might seem counterintuitive — combining stealth with public events — but it’s proven beneficial.

Before its acquisition by Autodesk, PlanGrid executed more than 300 events per year, from hosting the flagship ‘Beers for Builders’ happy hours to securing strategic speaking opportunities on national stages to organizing diversity-focused dinners. At TigerEye, we’ve taken a page from our past playbook, and we continue to prioritize people at the core of our strategy. We’ve successfully launched our ‘Cocktails for Closers‘ events, recognizing people’s strong desire to reconnect and step out of their homes and hybrid environments. There’s something special about breaking bread together — meeting people in person is when the magic happens. Trust builds, and relationships grow. That’s key for our long-term game.

The value of in-person programs is more important than ever in 2024. Live events offer a meaningful experience and a chance to create connections that can’t be replicated through a computer screen. People want to be present. After years of social distancing, the act of coming together has gained renewed significance. People now seem even more appreciative of curated experiences. And we take great pride in being able to offer worthwhile events to those in the sales and go-to-market communities.

Bottom line: Field marketing events done right can create real connections, build lasting relationships, and stay in tune with what’s happening to people, companies, and the market. If done authentically, events can become a powerhouse move for sustainable growth. We can’t wait to meet you in Austin this Thursday and at our next event in Atlanta in March. Be on the lookout for details soon!

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