Selling with Purpose

by | Jul 27, 2023 | TigerEye Live


Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of TigerEye, interviews Joanna Riley, CEO at Censia, about founder-led sales and leadership. Joanna Riley shares her journey from being inspired by her parents and growing up in San Francisco, her experiences working for the FBI and realizing her entrepreneurial aspirations. She discusses her various ventures, including building companies in China and her current role at Censia, an AI platform for talent. Jo emphasizes the importance of diverse hiring and how Censia’s platform addresses biases in recruitment.

The conversation delves into leadership, where Joanna Riley reflects on her leadership style, which is a mix of being direct, visionary, and passionate. She highlights the significance of building a strong team that complements different leadership styles and addresses various aspects of business challenges. Throughout the conversation, Tracy Young praises Joanna’s energy, competitiveness, and kindness, and they both express the value of leading with heart and supporting one another in the entrepreneurial journey. The interview concludes with a call to lead with kindness and heart, fostering a positive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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